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9/22/2011 12:00:00 PM

Following closely on the heels of last weekend's highly successful World Cup Stop in Kuching Sarawak Borneo, the top Wakeboard Riders and Waterski Jumpers of the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) are now arriving in Linyi City in south east China. This promises to be an absolutely thrilling conclusion to the 2011 Series.

There can be few Wakeboard and Waterski Jump fans who would not relish the thought of seeing all four current World Champions pitching for World Cup glory at one single event ! For most, it is the end of their season. Picture this. Lined up on the dock will be World Jump Champion Freddy Krueger USA, World Wakeboard Champion Harley Clifford AUS, World Jump Champion Natalia Berdnikova BLR and World Wakeboard Champion Raimi Merrit USA. They will join the top 45 athletes in the world from 23 countries invited to Linyi City on Saturday and Sunday next. The Chinese Waterski Association (CWA) has played a much appreciated major role in the expansion of World Cup Stops in China. MasterCraft will again provide the competition boats and backup technical support. Television coverage will be provided by CCTV 5, Beijing TV and the local Broadcaster LYTV. The CCTV Channels broadcast to 800 million viewers and LYTV to 10 million. If you cannot join us here in China, we will post the locally provided Webcast Link options on:

Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup - IWWF

Linyi City, with a population of 10 million, is located on the Yihi River in this temperate climate coastal region of China. A very modern and clean prosperous city, it has a huge range of first class sporting facilities. This weekend's World Cup site was actually constructed especially for this 32nd World Cup Stop and is quite spectacular. It's legacy will be a valuable asset for the Shandong Province.

The forecast is for sunshine and 25C weather with light head breezes this weekend - ideal for both our World Cup Jump athletes and Wakeboard Riders. It is a beautiful scenic area close to the Mengshan Mountains which rise 1,156m on the horizon. With their oxygen atmosphere of 24%, this is said to guarantee a healthy old age! Lying Dragon Lake is also a major tourist attraction and 4.7 million visitors came here last year to enjoy it. This Shandong Province Region is also the largest grower of honeysuckle in China but also produces gold, diamonds, electronics, foodstuffs, garlic and ginkgo. The City has a staggering 999 markets ! Our athletes have already stocked up on gifts to bring home.

Apart from our four reigning IWWF World Champions who will participate, other major stars currently checking in to their Linyi Blue Horizon Hotel include Skiers Jacinta Carroll AUS, Alex Lauretano USA, Maj Jepsen DEN, Zack Worden USA, Tom Asher GBR and Rodrigo Miranda CHI. The early Riders to arrive include Michael Timmers NED, Marcelo Giardi BRZ, Padiwat Jaemjan THA, Nikita Martyanov RUS, Chen LiLi CHN, Elke Venken BEL, Amber Wing AUS and Gina Faccio RSA. With the flags of all 23 countries and China now flying on site, this promises to be one of the highlights of the year here in Linyi City.

The outline programme for the coming days is as follows :

THURSDAY - Sept 22
10.00-16.30 - Practice

FRIDAY - Sept 23
08.00-10.00 - Jump Practice
10.30-11.30 - Opening Ceremony
13.00-14.20 - Wakeboard Women Semi Finals
14.30-17.18 - Wakeboard Men Quarter Finals

SATURDAY - Sept 24
09.00-10.28 - Wakeboard Men LCQ
10.38-11.50 - Jump Men Semi Finals
13.30-14.42 - Jump Women Semi Finals
14.52-15.40 - Wakeboard Women LCQ
15.50-15.26 - Wakeboard Men Semi Finals

SUNDAY - Sept 25
09.00-09.32 - Jump Women Finals
09.42-10.30 - Jump Men Finals
10.40-11.28 - Wakeboard Women Finals
11.38-12.26 - Wakeboard Men Finals
12.30-13.00 - World Cup Awards Ceremony

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