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Let Her Rip is about empowering confidence in and behind the boat and on and off the water. Sharing stories of inspirational women who relentlessly chase their goals while encouraging others to do the same.


This campaign is about empowering and inspiring women to build confidence and feel their best on the water. Our goal is to get as many of you amazing ladies out on the water throughout the summer.


Part of the Let Her Rip DNA is supporting others who proudly and courageously chase their goals and give 100%. Share how you Let Her Rip on Instagram by using the hashtag #letherrip so we can join you in celebrating your passions.

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Meet the women who help lead MasterCraft.


Krista Schipner VP of Marketing, MasterCraft Boats

Being on the water is a part of who I am. From learning to ski at two years old to having a career in the industry, my passion for watersports runs deep. The lessons I learned while being on the water truly forged who I am today. Standing on the dock with people of all ages and backgrounds and being seen as an equal, a competitor, a friend, and an important part of our community taught me confidence—and to believe in myself even when feeling intimidated. Let Her Rip, to me, means leaving worries and self-doubt on the shore and creating a safe, fun place to go all-out and try new things. Let Her Rip means knowing you can fail and then getting up and trying again while the entire boat is cheering you on. Let Her Rip means you are just as excited when someone gets up for the first time as you are watching a pro ride. Let Her Rip means supporting girls and women by helping them feel confident in their abilities, both on and off the water.


Jan Morton VP of Supply Chain, MCBH

I consider myself blessed that the marine industry has been part of my life for more than half my life; however, I will say that being a female in the marine industry thirty-six years ago was somewhat intimidating as the industry was undeniably a male dominated industry. Fortunately, thirty-six years ago when I began my employment in the marine industry there was one female in a leadership position in my company. The fact that a female held a leadership position inspired me and gave me hope that I, too, could achieve leadership roles within the company. My advice to every young woman that possesses the desire to succeed in business is to Let. It. Rip! Exude confidence in yourself while staying humble, seek mentorship, build strong business relationships, help others succeed, go above and beyond, seek projects outside your assigned responsibilities, demonstrate a work ethic that would make your parents proud and know that it is ok to be firm in your business dealings as long as you remain fair. You’ve got this! Do not ever give up. Get out there, shine and Let. It. Rip!


Erica Clark-Heinrich Director Of Engineering, MasterCraft Boats

Here’s what “Let Her Rip” means to me. It means embracing your strengths, acknowledging your weaknesses and accepting who you are. It means being willing to fail but also learning from the failures. It means stopping to lift up others along the way and always remembering those who stopped to lift you up. It means committing to be a better person every day. It means less judging and more empathy. It means recognizing life’s hardships and compensating with kindness. It means leading bravely even when you’re scared: rolling up your shirt sleeves to help your team. It means remembering we’re all in this journey together, but yours is what you make it.


Charlene Hampton VP of Human Resources, MasterCraft Boats

You can only find out how great you can be and all that you can accomplish by following your dreams. Always hold true to who you are; never abandon your beliefs and values. Success requires courage, dedication, hard-work and confidence in your ability to succeed. Welcome new experiences, even if you fear them; they will make you stronger. There may be times that it feels like you are climbing Mount Everest, stand strong and Let. Her. Rip to accomplish your goals and be the best you can be!

Events for 2024

  • June 7

    100 Cherokee Cove Rd, Vonore, TN, 37885

  • June 14

    151 Melodie Ln, Kingsland, TX, 78639

  • June 20

    4165 Shoreline Dr, Spring Park, MN, 55384

  • July 13

    1287 Floating Mill Rd, Silver Point, TN, 38582

  • July 18

    515 UT-319, Herber City, UT, 84032

  • August 3

    19454 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL, 32833

  • August 4

    19454 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL, 32833

  • August 9

    3650 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond, WA, 98052

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