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Welcome to the next chapter...the all new 2012 MasterCraft X-Star! After 8 years in the making, the 2012 X-STAR was launched from MasterCraft's top-secret box this morning at Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida.

With hundreds of names on the wrap showing all of the people who made the X-Star project possible, this boat is the pinnacle of design, innovation and performance. As quoted from Pro Athlete - Rusty Malinoski, "This boat will change the sport".

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Surf Expo is all about the latest and greatest product, but heading into the show we've already caught glimpses here and there on the new gear coming down the pipeline. That's why Mastercraft's unveiling of their brand new, fully redesigned X-Star is definitely the biggest surprise of the show. We happened to notice a large, boat-sized, black crate in the Mastercraft booth early yesterday morning and began to ask around for details as to what was inside. This project has been top secret with everyone at Mastercraft, including team riders sworn to secrecy. In fact, during the on water testing, all of the riders had to sign contracts not to talk about the boat or show photos to anyone; their contracts would be terminated if they broke the agreement.

The biggest question everyone probably asking is what's the wake going to be like. Here's what some of the biggest names in the biz have to say about it:

"The wake is going to take wakeboarding to the next level," says Harley Clifford. "The wake is seriously a foot bigger than my 2011 X-Star; it's insane. I've never ridden anything like it. There's definitely going to be some crazy tricks going down in the next few years."

"Take a look at the engine, it's got 540hp. That's what I really like about this boat," says Rusty Malinoski. "I've been testing this boat at the factory for the past 5 months and the wake and the double ups are insane. Seriously, anything is possible off this wake."

"Mastercraft changed the sport 9 years ago when they changed the X-Star hull and now they've done it again," says Parks Bonifay. "It's almost to the point where we've reached a plateau with what is possible behind the boat, but now it's all changed. I can't wait to see what going to go down in the next 5 years. I honestly think you're going to see 1260's and double flips off the wake in the near future. This new boat has 2000lbs of stock ballast versus 1000lbs in the old boat and with the new engine, the boat just pops out of the hole. It's got 540hp, are you kidding me?

We got a quick sneak peak of the boat this morning and it looks pretty badass. With so many new points to talk about with got the official press release from Mastercraft. Here's the details:

MasterCraft Boat Company - 2012 X-STAR Press Release

Vonore, TN - Winston Churchill famously said, "History will be kind to me for I intend to write it." Churchill clearly understood that history, for the most part, should only be told by those who make it. And with the release of its all-new 2012 X-Star, MasterCraft once more is making and writing history, not only for itself but for those who are fortunate enough to ride behind this newly re-designed and emblematic wake machine.

The new, iconic twin-tip 2012 X-Star comes in at 8'6" wide and exactly 24' long (without the platform), boasting nearly two feet more from stern to bow than the previous X-Star. The new design makes the 2012 X-Star the proud owner of more real estate for family, friends and fat sacks than any other "pure" wakeboard boat on the market, thanks in large part to the bigger than life bow and vast wraparound seating.

But as the stereotypical machismo mantra goes, size isn't all that matters - undeniably, this is the case with the 2012 X-Star. It won't take long for mere mortals to realize this superhero of boats packs an incredible punch at every turn. Consider the command center. At first glance, it may appear to be somewhat underwhelming, especially since gauges seem MIA. However, with the turn of a key, the brand new 7" Murphy screen emerges from the dash, rising up like a cleverly hidden TV in an episode of Cribs. From this visually stunning screen, the 2012 X-Star is prepped and ready to obey any command thrown at it, from filling ballast to saving rider presets to DJing the party to navigating unfamiliar waters to simply gauging speed, rpm's, engine temp and so on.

Yet the screen-fest doesn't end there. Because people have different preferences in terms of what screens should do, MasterCraft added two more 4.3" Murphy touch-screens to the right and left of the steering wheel, providing any driver a total of 3 displays from which to operate the systems of the boat. And of course, this creates a benefit in the all-important realm of safety. If for whatever reason the main dash is affecting a driver's visibility, simply lower the main screen down and control the boat systems solely with the secondary screens.

While the command center offers a virtual playground for any control freak, the rest of the X-Star is by no means any less impressive. Beginning with a newly designed interior that is both breathtaking and practical, the 2012 X-Star offers posh, intelligent design throughout. In the bow, passengers can comfortably sit forward or aft depending on what action they prefer to watch. And unlike any other boat, the two front seats swing up and lift towards the pickle-fork tips making access to the voluminous front storage incredibly fast and easy.

On the way from the bow to the rear seating area, there is another ingenious, yet subtle design feature. What appears to simply be an walk-thru is actually a seat back that can be lifted up to create a back rest for the "judge's" seat facing the transom or flipped up to fashion a back rest for a passenger in the bow. When not in use, simply fold it back down and it once again becomes the aisle way between the bow and the rear seating. And for those that enjoy this sort of attention to detail, there is a deftly hidden trash can directly next to the driver, making the job of hosting a bit easier.

The rear lounge area flaunts a sundry of discerning yet wonderfully creative features. At the top of the list is the smartly designed convertible rear seat. Since the dawning of boats, the people who sit in the back have to choose between being comfortable or twisting around to see what is going behind the boat. The 2012 MasterCraft X-Star has eliminated that choice. In one position, it looks like any other wraparound seating configuration. However, with one simple move anyone can flip this rear perch to create a seat that can comfortably watch all the action at the end of the rope.

Additionally the rear seats have incredibly modern, eye-catching head rests not yet seen any other inboard, giving the 2012 MasterCraft X-Star unbridled panache. And considering the all-new windshield is truly custom-designed from the ground up to match the styling lines of this wake king, the new X-Star once again proves MasterCraft's uncanny ability to deliver both form and function without a single ounce of compromise.

As for the transom, the 2012 MasterCraft X-Star has still not exhausted all its new offerings. For starters, there is a brand new transom step and boarding platform. The transom step serves as both a path into and out of the boat but is also large enough to serve as a seat for those ready to boot up. The new boarding platform is not only the usual oversized MasterCraft platform but the edges are cleverly curved making sliding into and climbing out of the water easier.

However, the WOW factor really kicks in when the engine hatch lifts. The 2012 MasterCraft X-Star comes with the optional, all-new Ilmor MV8 7.4L engine - a marine power plant which takes its 522 horses and laughs at weight. Far superior to the super-charged engine option, Ilmor designed the MV8 7.4L specifically to deliver performance equal or greater to the super-charged with drastically more dependability. In addition, the MV8 7.4L , which is fully emissions compliant, is the most powerful catalyzed production marine engine available today.

And with the unmatched Ilmor MV8 7.4L ready to tractor pull anything or anybody, it is time to hook the rope into the latest ZFT 5p Tower, now powered by a newly developed hydraulic system. The next generation hydraulic ZFT 5p Tower delivers smooth up and down action with a simple flip of the switch while delivering improved dependability.

Of course, the pressing question from any X-Star aficionado will be "what about the wake? MasterCraft didn't mess with the wake or did they?" The answer is yes! MasterCraft did "mess" with the wake and thanks to the invaluable time and input from our world-class team of riders, the new X-Star wake is larger, beefier and the shape will ultimately change what riders will be able to do. While the new design and features are not to be understated, the 2012 X-Star was not permitted to come to market until every MasterCraft rider rode and approved the wake, ultimately stating they preferred the new X-Star wake over its iconic predecessor. While the process took nearly two years and vast amounts of time, the design team at MasterCraft delivered on an X-Star that has many of its riders wishing this soon-to-be anointed "wake god" was in their boat lift.

There is very little debate that one of the greatest lessons of history is that the past has an undeterred commitment to repeat itself. So is it any surprise that such a historical, iconic boat like the MasterCraft X-Star will again defy convention and once more alter the story line for so many riders of today and tomorrow? And at the end of the day, isn't that the real test of greatness - the ability to make others truly great? By this standard, the 2012 MasterCraft X-Star will be tested and found to be true.

MasterCraft 2012 X-Star Specs:

Length: 24'
Length w/ Platform: 26' 1"
Beam: 102"
Dry Weight: 5100 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 74 gallon
Ballast: 1500 lbs
Plug N Play Ballast: 1000 lbs


Rider Quotes about 2012 X-Star:

"Reality is better than your dreams with this wake." - Nicola Butler

"With this innovation in boat design, MasterCraft has single handedly reinvented what's possible on a wakeboard." - Andrew Adkison

"I have never gotten punted like I did on this beast. I'm old and don't break boards much anymore but the new X-Star has claimed 2 already." - Zane Schwenk

"The X-Star will make the once impossible now possible." - Steel Lafferty

"The new X-Star is absolutely amazing - there will be more progression behind this boat than any other." - Rusty Malinoski

"The first time I got up to speed I had to turn around to see if what I was seeing in the mirror was actually real." - Travis Moye

"With its progressive wake and sophisticated interior, the new X-Star will revolutionize the sport for riders of all levels." - Josh Palma

Basic X-Star Timeline:

- MasterCraft's new X-star is the first true high-performance wakeboard boat.
- MasterCraft X-Star is chosen as the official tow boat of the X-Games

- MasterCraft introduces the V-Drive X-Star

- MasterCraft introduces a revolutionary new the X-Star and popularizes the now heavily imitated pickle-fork or twin tip bow
- MasterCraft introduces the AP-1 hull (on the X-Star), designed from the ground up as a revolutionary wake producing hull
- MasterCraft X-Star wins Wakeworld.com's Rider's Choice Wakeboard Boat of the Year for the for first year.

- The X-Star is voted WakeWorld.com's Rider's Choice Wakeboard Boat of The Year for the second consecutive year.

- The X-Star is voted WakeWorld.com's Rider's Choice Wakeboard Boat of The Year for the third consecutive year.
- MasterCraft X-Star chosen as official boat of Amp'd Mobile SuperCross and The Dew Action Sports Tour

- The X-Star is voted WakeWorld.com's Rider's Choice Wakeboard Boat of The Year for the fourth consecutive year.

- The X-Star is voted WakeWorld.com's Rider's Choice Wakeboard Boat of The Year for the fifth consecutive year.

- The X-Star is voted WakeWorld.com's Rider's Choice Wakeboard Boat of The Year for the sixth consecutive year.

- The X-Star is voted WakeWorld.com's Rider's Choice Wakeboard Boat of The Year for the seventh consecutive year.

- The X-Star is voted WakeWorld.com's Rider's Choice Wakeboard Boat of The Year for the eighth time in 9 years.
- MasterCraft unveils Parks Bonifay Custom Edition X-Star.
- MasterCraft Unveils ALL-NEW 2012 MasterCraft X-Star.

Article from: SBCWakeboard.com

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