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5/25/2010 12:00:00 PM

This summer, Jodi Fisher will be hitting the road in the USA and Canada with his On Location Tour. Ready to coach you and your buddies at your favorite ski site, Jodi has all of the coaching skills to take your performance to the next level.No flights, rental cars or hotels to worry aboutrelax and learn in the comfort of your own training site, allowing you to take full advantage of Jodis expert help with your skiing performance and equipment set up.

For 25 years, Jodi has coached all levels of slalom, tricks and jumping worldwide.He has mentored thousands of students and has a great deal of experience and knowledge to share with skiers of all ages and levels. While on the Tour, Jodi will also have a full range of Radar Skis and Equipment for you to demo and purchasesaving you time and money while having the ski set up perfectly for your skiing style.

So make arrangements with your friends and family, your ski club, your lake owners or just yourself, Jodi will make it a great experience for all involved no matter whether you are just getting started in the sport, or have skied for many years.

Contact Jodi today to make your reservation:
On Location Tour - with Jodi Fisher

Telephone: (407) 970-5941

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