6/25/2015 12:00:00 PM

In its continual mission to top-grade its organization and provide a superior customer experience through leading-edge product and world class customer support, MasterCraft is proud to announce it is partnering with a distinguished and award-winning dealer, ETCO MARINE of Central California. The agreement signals the enduring pursuit of MasterCraft to work with the world's premium retailers and ETCO Marine's vision to work with the leading marine brands.
ETCO MARINE, who carries the hard-fought badge of #1 in market share for the region, was founded by Earl Towsley nearly 50 years ago. With its focus on family values and complete customer satisfaction, Mr. Towsley, along with business partners Alan and Chad Borba, created what has now become one of the most loyal customer bases in the country. Today, ETCO MARINE, who pledges the Very Best in customer care, continues its consumer satisfaction focal point by having a devoted 27,000 square feet facility with 19 service bays for service, fiberglass and gel coat repair. With customer satisfaction through high quality product being a must-have for ETCO MARINE, they know switching to MasterCraft was the right decision. We understand our customers expect a high-quality product and a great dealer experience to go hand-in-hand," said Mr. Towsley. "We work feverishly to create a category leading customer experience and after having spent time with the management team at MasterCraft and its boats, we are extremely confident our customers will get superior product and service. Having MasterCraft as a reliable and strategic partner is a win-win for everyone.

MasterCraft is equally enthusiastic about the new partnership with ETCO MARINE Central California is such a crucial market for our brand and its growth, comments Jay Povlin, VP of Global Sales and Marketing for MasterCraft. To have the preeminent marine dealer in that market with our same values and work ethic is going to be a game changer for MasterCraft. With the ETCO MARINE relationship, along with our existing dealers in the market, we believe MasterCraft will become the number one boat in California.

Not only do they have strong customer base, but also they have a pulse on the industry and their community. ETCO MARINE is heavily invested in the relationships they have with the industry and its manufacturers, constantly playing a part in events and even support roles for industry wake films. In fact, they were one of the first boat dealers in the country to host a winch event in 2006. In addition they support their local community by hosting grass root watersports events and are actively involved in the lifeblood of that region, the agricultural industry. ETCO MARINE will begin its exclusive relationship with MasterCraft effective July 1 2015. To contact them, go to:

15366 E. Mineral King
Visalia CA 93292
Phone: (559) 734-7471
Toll Free: (800) 499-2628
Website: www.etcomarine.com
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