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3/25/2010 12:00:00 PM

A MasterCraft boat says a lot about its owner. And even though each model is distinctive, every boat can say a whole lot more with an extreme make-over from Sirlin Enterprises.Founded by Josh Sirlin and based in Seattle, this dynamic company specializes in creating edgy and artistic graphics for a variety of sporting goods applications.

Sure, sneakers are cool.But having a MasterCraft as your canvas is a unique opportunity to create an incredible self-portrait.Sirlin Enterprises can customize a boat wrap design for any owner on any MasterCraft to project whatever personality you desire.

But if you dont like attention or youre in the witness protection program, youll have to do all of your boating at night.Because every design makes a provocative statement and draws an audience.The durable wraps require no painting, resist the elements and adhere safely to the gel coat.And you can even get a matching wrap on your tow vehicle!

From Rusty and Parks to Freddy, many of the MasterCraft Team Athletes have commissioned personalized wraps to express what their athleticism doesnt already say on the water.

Josh recently completed his original Dragon and Koi Tattoo Project with Gregg Morris (tattoo artist extraordinaire).Their campaign is based on a legitimate tattoo thought-up by and canvassed on Josh andwith/andby Gregg. This creation in and of itself took an extensive amount of time and energy throughout the last year. The process, as a whole, is documented and shown with time-lapse video animation.
YouTube: Tattoo Project

For some inspired wrap designs from Josh and his cadre of elite artisans, visit their website:
Sirlin Wraps

Visit your local MasterCraft Dealer to order your custom wrap today:
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