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6/8/2010 12:00:00 PM

Order your Walker Project MasterCraft Signature Series Wakesurfer now through June 20th and receive a MasterCraft Surf Towel and Tshirt. Products will ship the week of the 28th

Board Description

The new 2010 F-18 MasterCraft Edition incorporates over 6 years of wakesurf R&D. Everything from bottom contours and curves to volume placement and rail design. All elements are designed to offer the rider exceptional speed and response. This model is available exclusively through premiere MasterCraft Dealers. Built from only the highest quality materials and handcrafted by experienced craftsman in San Diego, California. This board is available in two sizes and will allow anyone, of any skill level to take their surfing to the next level.


Although some boards still require being 100% hand shaped, we are now able to offer our team riders and customers the ability to fine tune their equipment and find the magic board without having to adjust to a new board every time.

Mike Walker spends a large amount of his time refining and developing each model we build on screen so that we can offer the most up-to-date, highly accurate equipment available. Essentially shaping on a screen with a mouse and keypad, Mike is able to make adjustments down to 1/100th of an inch and store each individual custom order in our database. So whether you are a touring pro or an avid weekend warrior, you can be assured that the board you are riding was built specifically for you and your requirements. And when the day comes that you need to get a new one youll start exactly where you left off. If your surfing is evolving, then your equipment should do the same. The CAD System allows us to offer you this advantage.


For Ordering Call:888-460-6186
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