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MasterCraft is seeking strategic partners who share a common vision to develop a premium global recreational lifestyle brand. Our vision is to carry our lifestyle brand into select categories through exclusive and premium products which become key contributors to the consumers’ way of life. It’s about an easygoing confidence and the freedom to move from the water, to home, and everywhere in-between. We are looking for licensing candidates which possess the following key attributes:

  • Leader in the category or a company possessing a new or innovative product offering

  • Has the ability both to sell the MC Dealer Network and its own independent distribution/sales channels

  • Proven track record and sales history

  • Provide established relationships with leading brick & mortar and e-commerce retailers/distributors

  • Employ dedicated  staff to manage the day-to-day sales, marketing, licensing process (approval and reporting) and supply chain compliance

  • Demonstrate a commitment and ability to invest in new product licensing opportunities

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