Models equipped with optional tower lights. 


Tower lights may be white or blue LED lights. These lights add visual appeal as well as providing additional light to the area aft of the boat. This can assist operators in keeping an eye on wakeboarders and skiers. 


The location of the aft light switch (where equipped) will vary by model and should be determined by the operator. Often the switch is on the driver?s armrest. In some instances, there may be two (2) switches. 


In all instances, the lights operate by using two position switches, one position for ON and the other for OFF. 


If lights do not operate, check the main circuit breaker panel to determine if a circuit may have tripped. Reset the circuit; if it continues to trip, take the boat to an authorized MasterCraft Dealer. If the circuit breaker has not tripped, the bulb may have burned out. Although some lights are LED, which rarely burn out, it is possible. Take the boat to an authorized MasterCraft Dealer to have the bulb replaced.