The blower system is one of the most critical systems on the boat. A natural by-product of operating the engine is the creation of unseen fumes. Carbon monoxide is discussed in the Safety section of this Knowledge Center. The engine will also create flammable, ignitable gasoline and/or battery fumes. Dispensed into the open air, they are quickly diffused and pose little to no threat to well-being. 

However, if the fumes are not released by opening the engine compartment and operating the blower for a minimum of four (4) minutes before starting the engine (even if the engine has not been operated for some time), the accumulated fumes may explode when the engine is started. 

DANGER: To prevent a possible explosion, operate the blower for at least four (4) minutes before starting the engine and always when at idle or slow running speed. Explosive gasoline and/or battery fumes may be present in the engine compartment. Failure to operate the blower as instructed may cause improper ventilation of the boat engine and bilge areas, and fuel vapors can accumulate in this area, causing a re or explosion which may result in serious injury or death! 


The blower system is mostly unseen by those on-board. A two-position switch activates the engine box ventilation blower, and it is located on the dash panel. The engine compartment blower exhausts fumes through vents located on the transom of the boat 


X-Series/ProStar: Turn the switch to the right to turn the blower ON. Turn the switch to the left to turn the blower OFF. 

NXT: Flip the toggle switch up to turn the blower ON. Flip the switch down to turn the blower OFF. 

XStar: Push the toggle switch on the throttle panel up to turn the blower ON. Flip the switch down to turn the blower OFF. The blower will operate without the ignition key inserted and turned ON. The engine does not have to be started and running in order for the blower to work. Switches can be left on indefinitely to continuously allow removal of fumes. 

NOTE: Blower operation drains energy from the battery. 

SPECIAL NOTE: The blower must operate for a minimum of four (4) minutes before starting the engine at any time. The blower must also be operated during idle and slow-speed running, but is not necessary during cruising speed. 



The blower hums audibly when it is operating. If it is not function- ing, turn the ignition key to ON and verify on the voltmeter that the electrical system is charging at least 11.5 volts or higher. If it is not, it will be necessary to recharge the battery(ies). See the electrical information in the section of the Owner?s Manual for proper procedures. If there is sufficient charge indicated, but the blower still is not operating properly, DO NOT LAUNCH THE BOAT. Take the boat to an authorized MasterCraft Dealer for repair.