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All Wood Platforms

To maintain its original appearance and finish, Garapa Gold wood platforms will need regular cleaning and oiling. Unprotected wood will turn gray and could split or separate. 

New wood platforms have been sealed and finished with an oil-based, wood preservative by the manufacturer. Platforms will keep a new look and last for many years if properly maintained. For best results oil the platform and allow it to dry before the first use. If the boat spends a lot of long weekends on the lake with the swim platform in the water, or if the platform sits uncovered in the sun, it will need to be oiled more often. The platform should be covered when not in use or when stored for the winter.

Oiling The Garapa Gold Platform

The Garapa Gold platform will need more frequent maintenance if it is regularly exposed to direct sun or water. In most cases, the platform will require maintenance when it gets a dry frosted look, or when it quits easily shedding water. A platform that gets a lot of sun and water may need oil 1-2 times a month for the first year. If the platform starts to get a tacky or gummy feel, oiling may be too frequent and the platform should be oiled less often. 

To oil the platform:

  • Before Oiling the platform you will need teak, tung or linseed oil which can be found at marinas, paint stores or home improvement stores. 

  • Before applying teak, tung or linseed oil to seal and protect the  platform, the wood should be cleaned and with a mild soap and water mixture. Harsher cleaners can damage and strip the woods finish. 

  • Use a stiff bristled brush or rag to clean away dirt and stains. After cleaning, pat the platform as dry as possible with a clean towel, then let the platform air dry.

  • Use a cloth or brush to saturate the platform with teak, tung or linseed oil (front, back and edges). Push the oil into all cracks, crevices and end grain.

  • Let the platform dry in the shade for 30-45 minutes. After the platform has had time to soak in fresh oil, use a soft cloth to gently buff off all excess oil that does not soak into the platform. 

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