All boats have weight limits. Failure to adhere to the posted limits can cause operation instability and/or the boat to sink. This may result in serious injury or death, as well as significant damage to the boat, which will not be covered by warranty.

Overloading a boat may cause it to become unstable and may potentially result in the boat's flotation system becoming over-whelmed. Too much weight can sink any boat. Within your MasterCraft Owner's Manual and on a label mounted in each boat is the Maximum Capacity for that specific model. Bear in mind that maximum limits include additional water ballast bags and water put in them, gear brought onto the boat, additional options and all people. Maximum people is limited to the number of designated occupant seating positions. Equally critical is how weight is distributed throughout the boat. The weight must be distributed evenly throughout the boat.

If too much weight is placed in one area it can have serious impact on maintaining control. Items and people can also shift positions during operation, potentially causing a dangerous situation.

Adding weight of any type to the boat will affect the handling characteristics of the boat while it is underway. Caution should always be exhibited when putting the boat into motion or attempting to stop it, particularly when the added-weight characteristics have changed.

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