MasterCraft boats are equipped with a highly innovative fuel system. This system is designed to provide years of trouble-free service. The MasterCraft fuel delivery system is based on the latest innovations in fuel handling and safety.

The fuel pump system in MasterCraft boats is specifically designed for the marine environment and contains a number of added safety components. Because of the special nature of the design, there are no user-serviceable parts. Any parts in need of service or maintenance will need to be addressed by an authorized MasterCraft Dealer. An authorized MasterCraft Dealer is equipped with the special tools necessary to disassemble and service the fuel capsule and associated parts. Replacement parts must meet OEM requirements as specified by MasterCraft.

The fuel line in the bilge area that goes from the tank to the engine is a special multi-layer armored line covered with a special material known as a fire sleeve. The fire sleeve protects the fuel line in the unlikely event of a boat fire. The sleeve is orange colored so that the fuel line can be easily identified.

Filling the fuel tank for the first time will take much longer than subsequent fillings as air is being displaced in the system. For all subsequent fuel-fillings, the process will take about the same amount of time as it does to fill a land-based vehicle.

During refueling you should reasonably expect to avoid having any fuel spit-back or well-back when using an automatic shut-off fuel pump nozzle. All land-based gas stations in North America are required to use these; some marinas may not. Therefore, we recommend that you never leave the fuel fill unattended when fueling.

MasterCraft recommends daily inspection of the bilge for foreign materials including possible gas or oil leakage. As part of your daily inspection, include a visual check of the orange fire-sleeved fuel line. If you see damage to the sleeve or line or in any way suspect damage or fuel leakage, DO NOT START THE BOAT! Immediately call an authorized MasterCraft Servicing Dealer and let them assess the situation. Leaking fuel can cause serious damage to the environment and may be a potentially hazardous situation for people and property in the area. Therefore, it is critical to attend to any indication that there is fuel line damage or fuel leakage as soon as possible.

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