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All models, as an option. 


Underwater lights provide a significant improvement in visual illumination of the water beneath swim platforms and in the area surrounding the boat stern. In shallow water, this can be especially useful in determining safer operations. 


Blue lights, located on the transom below the waterline. 


The combination switch is mounted in an aft position (transom or storage area) or controlled from the drivers armrest. The switch is marked. Press up on the switch to turn ON (a green LED light will be lighted when the lights are operating). Press down to turn OFF. 


If lights do not operate, check the main circuit breaker panel to determine if a circuit may have tripped. Reset the circuit; if it continues to trip, take the boat to an authorized MasterCraft dealer. If the circuit breaker has not tripped, the bulb may have burned out. Although the lights are LED, which rarely burn out, it is possible. Take the boat to an authorized MasterCraft dealer to have the bulb replaced. 

Also note that the underwater lights should never be operated unless the boat is in the water. Even though these are LED lights, they generate some heat and require the cooling effect of the water to avoid premature burn-out of the bulbs. Underwater lights may have thermal protection circuitry that will turn the light o when reaching high temperatures. Allow lights to cool in water in order to turn back on. 

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