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The safety cables on a MasterCraft trailer provide added security so that the trailer will not become detached from the tow vehicle when underway. These cables conform to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J684 standard for trailer coupling and hitches automotive type. If it ever becomes necessary to replace these cables, ensure that the replacement cables meet the SAE J684 standard. 

WARNING: Failure to properly attach the safety cables and brake actuator break-away cable between the trailer and the tow vehicle may result in a runaway trailer if the trailer coupler becomes detached from the hitch. This may cause serious injury, death and/or property damage. 

WARNING: The strength rating of EACH safety cable must be equal to or exceed the trailers GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). 

Before each trip, ensure that the safety cables are correctly attached between the tow vehicle and the trailer. Secure the break away cable to the bumper or frame of the tow vehicle as close to center as possible but do not attach to the safety cables. 

As noted above, the trailer hitch should provide a place for attaching safety cables, through holes or rings on both sides of the hitch ball. It is strongly recommended, and most states require, that the cables be crossed under the trailer tongue (e.g., the cables on the left side of the trailer tongue should be attached to the hole or ring on the right side of the hitch ball, and the right side cable should be attached to the hole or ring on the left side of the hitch ball). If the trailer separates from the hitch ball doing so will slow the process of the dropping of the trailer tongue. 

The cables should be rigged as tightly as possible, with just enough slack to permit tight turns. If for any reason it becomes necessary to replace a safety cable, do not substitute with any part other than a genuine MasterCraft cable. 

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