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WARNING: The total weight of the boat, engine, fuel, water and gear must not exceed the trailer's maximum load-carrying capacity. Overloading can cause instability and loss of control while towing, which may result in death, serious injury or property damage.

Check the certification label attached to the front left side of the trailer. This is very important as it shows the maximum load-carrying capacity of the trailer. It will also show the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). Be sure that the total weight of the boat, engine, gear and trailer does not exceed the GVWR.

NOTE: The gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the estimated total weight of a road vehicle that is loaded to capacity, including the weight of the vehicle itself. Therefore, the maximum load- carrying capacity of the trailer is the GVWR less the weight of the empty trailer.

Be especially careful to avoid overloading the trailer by putting heavy baggage, camping gear, etc. inside the boat.

Do not tow the boat with a water-filled bladder or with water in the ballast tanks. Failure to empty the contents of bladders or ballast tanks will cause the tongue weight percentage to be incorrect. Towing with water-filled bladder(s)/ballast tank(s) may not only exceed the total weight limits for the trailer, but may also result in the improper distribution of the weight on the trailer, thereby making towing difficult and/or causing instability when towing. This can be very dangerous to the driver, any passengers and to other motorists.

WARNING: Never tow with water in ballast tanks or bags. Failure to empty ballast tanks, bladders or bags on the boat prior to towing can result in improper weight distribution, which can cause towing instability. This could cause the driver to lose control of the tow rig, resulting in death or serious injury to the driver, any passengers and/or to other motorists, or property damage.

Do not tow the boat with wakeboards, skis or other gear left on the board tower racks. Doing so may void the warranty and cause damage to the boat or to vehicles following behind as boards and/or racks may become disengaged.

WARNING: Do not tow with any gear in the tower racks, even if the gear appears to be secure. The racks are not designed to withstand air pressure from highway speeds. Gear may become dislodged, potentially causing damage to the boat or following vehicles. 

CAUTION: Loose objects may damage the boat and/or trailer. Such damage is not covered by the warranty. 

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