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If a storage cradle is used, the hull must be properly supported to prevent load damage. This can occur with as little as fifteen (15) pounds per square inch of pressure. DO NOT support the boat by resting the hull on the keel (the central fore-and-aft structural member in the bottom of the boats hull, extending from the bow to the stern). Vertical supports must extend from the chine (the angular intersection of the bottom and sides of the boat) to the keel with no gaps between the hull and cradle supports. A total support area of at least 500 square inches is required for proper support of boats under 25 and 600 square inches for boats over 25. Protect all items extending from the hull (i.e., the rudder, propeller, fins, etc.) to prevent them from resting on the cradle or the ground. 

DO NOT apply any load stress to the propeller, shaft, rudder, swim platform, water intake grate or other protruding items. 

CAUTION: When the boat is out of the water, it is important to support the hull correctly to avoid any hull damage. Such damage may void the warranty. 

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