The steering system controls the direction in which the boat moves. 


Except for the steering wheel and shift/throttle control at the helm, the steering system is not visible under normal circumstances. In a V-drive boat, the mechanism is located on the starboard side of the engine compartment. 

To lubricate the control mechanism on the standard system as part of the annual maintenance (as described in the Care and Maintenance section of the Owner's Manual), locate the specific connection for your boat. 

With the exception of the XStar, which is equipped with hydraulic steering, the steering wheel is mounted on a tilt mechanism that allows adjustment of the steering wheel angle to meet the needs and comfort of the operator. The system was designed to be used by operators who are sitting down in the drivers seat. Standing or manipulating the steering wheel in any other manner could cause loss of control. 

Warning: Boats underway must always be operated from a seated position at the helm. The drivers seat and the steering wheel are adjust- able and should be placed at the location most comfortable and in control for each individual operator. Trying to drive a boat while standing or in any other way manipulating the steering system could result in loss of control of the boat. This may lead to serious injury or even death for those on-board. 


The steering of a boat is very similar to that of a car or truck, but it will generally respond less quickly due to operation in the water, which is more dense than air. Read the Starting and Basic Operations information and Operational Hints that appear in the Preparation section of the 2017 Owners Manual for more detail and assistance. 


At any time, if the steering is sluggish, difficult, or shows any signs of not working smoothly and properly, the boat should immediately be taken to an authorized MasterCraft Dealer for attention. The hydraulic steering system is not accessible to the consumer for repair or maintenance, all of which should be done by an authorized MasterCraft Dealer. Most of the standard steering system repairs are only accessible by the dealer. 

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