A one-hand, single-lever control operates as both gear shifter and throttle. The lever automatically locks in the neutral position (straight up and down) for safety. 


The shift/throttle control lever is located on the starboard side panel, adjacent to the drivers compartment (helm). 


The lever can be moved from neutral only by raising the lifter under the ball knob. Shifting is accomplished by moving the lever forward or backward. Center (straight up) is neutral. Moving the lever forward engages the running gear; moving it back from center puts the drive train into reverse. 

Never attempt to shift without the engine running! The neutral safety prevents the boat from starting the engine while in gear, but shifting while the engine is OFF will cause accelerated wear of the shifting gears. 

SPECIAL NOTE: During regular warm-up of the engine, it is possible to temporarily increase the engine RPMs without moving the boat. To accomplish this, push in the button located at the bottom of the shift/throttle lever with one hand and pull up the umbrella (aluminum surround below the top of the knob). Move the lever to the desired position and then simultaneously release the button and umbrella. The engine will run with increased RPMs and can be increased or decreased by moving the lever. Returning the handle to the neutral position will bring the system back to neutral and reduce the engine RPMs to preset levels. This function should be done sparingly. Over-revving the engine for any extended period can cause undue wear and tear on the engine. Avoid advancing to wide-open-throttle and holding the RPMs at that level. 


If the shift/throttle lever will not move, be certain that the lifter under the ball knob is lifted up before attempting to move the lever forward or aft. If the lever still will not move, contact your authorized MasterCraft dealer. Never attempt to shove or force the lever. If it does not move smoothly when operated as indicated, there may be an issue involving the system that requires correction in an area under the deck, which is inaccessible to the consumer. 

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