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MasterCraft boats have been designed for operation in fresh water unless equipped with the Salt Water Package. If operating a fresh-water model temporarily in salt, polluted or brackish water, thoroughly flush the boat with fresh water as soon as possible afterward. The entire engine cooling system should be flushed with fresh water for at least ten (10) minutes after each use in such waters. Boats operated continuously in salt water should be equipped with the MasterCraft Saltwater Package and a closed cooling system to preserve engine life. 

Saltwater or brackish water can deteriorate the condition of a boat much faster than freshwater. To maintain the condition, appearance and functionality of boats used in salt water:

Flush the engine with fresh water in accordance with the Ilmor Engine Owners Manual.

Rinse the boat with fresh water after each use in salt water:

- Bilge

- Hull and deck including all underwater gear

- Upholstery 

- Carpet

* If boat has drop in carpet it should be removed for drying

Rinse metal components with fresh water and wipe down with WD-40:

- Aluminum dash plates

- Steering wheel

- Tower components

- Engine

- Hand rails

- Windshield stanchions

Spray motor mounts with a corrosion inhibitor at least once a month.Inspect anodes and change monthly or every 50 hrs, whichever occurs first.

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