Federal law requires certain safety equipment to be on-board your boat at all times. Responsible boaters carry additional equipment in case of emergency. It is your responsibility to check with the local boating authorities for any additional requirements and/or equipment over and above the federal requirements.


Your MasterCraft boat was equipped at the factory with most of the federally required safety equipment for inland waters (Class II, 26-foot-to-40-foot watercraft). This equipment includes:

  • ABYC-approved (American Boat & Yacht Club) marine mufflers with water injection

  • USCG-approved (United States Coast Guard) marine flame¬†arrestor¬†

  • USCG-approved engine box ventilation with sparkless blower

  • ABYC-approved electric horn sound-warning device

  • USCG-approved inland lighting

  • Automatic and manual fire extinguishers


The responsible boat owner will avoid potential problems on an outing by having additional equipment on board. Normally, the decision regarding the appropriate equipment to take on individual outings is dependent upon the body of water and the length of the trip. We suggest the following equipment as a minimum (your MasterCraft dealer can also assist you with additional recommendations):

  • Anchor with at least 75 feet of line (in saltwater operation,¬†particularly)

  • Manual bailing device for removing water

  • Combination oar/boat hook

  • Day-and-night visual distress signal

  • First aid kit and manual

  • Airway breathing tube

  • Waterproof flashlight

  • Non-electric horn or whistle

  • Set of local navigational charts

  • Mooring lines and fenders

  • Extra engine oil

  • Tool kit

  • Portable, battery-operated AM/FM radio or weather radio/scanner

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