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When properly utilized, ski pylons allow skiers the opportunity to be towed behind the boat with a sensible and unobstructed view by individuals in observer seats. 


Varies by model, but pylons are generally adjacent to or integrated within aft seating. (See Guide to Individual Models in the 2017 Owners Manual for specific model locations.) 


See the Ski/Wakeboard Rope information under Additional Safety Support section in the 2017 Owners Manual. Avoid tangling rope around the pylons or any other portion of the boat. 

Special Attention 

Some pylons are removable. In those instances, always be certain that the pylon has snapped securely into place prior to usage. Failure to do so could result in injury. 

Caution: Ensure that removable ski pylons have securely snapped into place prior to use. Pylons that are not secure can become detached during operation. In these circumstances, the pylon could hit persons on board or skiers behind the boat, causing injury. 


If the pylon will not lock into place, check for debris or other obstructions in the pylon housing. If the housing is clear and the pylon still will not snap securely, take the boat to an authorized MasterCraft dealer for service. 

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