Because this process should be completed while all movable components of the drive train are NOT in motion, MasterCraft recommends this be done while the boat is out of the water. 

Step 1 

Ensure the engine is OFF and disconnect the engine safety starting switch. Be sure that the throttle/shift control lever is in neutral. The engine must be cool. 

Step 2 

Open the engine box and locate the shift cable end. 

Step 3 

Shift to full-throttle-forward. 

Step 4 

Lubricate the cable ends and connections with a coating of waterproof marine multi-purpose grease. 

Step 5 

Lubricate the pivots and linkages with a light grease. 

Step 6 

Shift the control lever from full-throttle-forward to full-throttle- reverse several times to work the lubricant in. 

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