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Although the boat engine is similar to an automobile engine, the engine compartment differs substantially. The underside of an automobile engine compartment is totally open to the atmosphere. This allows complete air circulation and ventilation. A boat engine is housed in a closed compartment, the underside of which is the bottom (hull) of the boat. 

The enclosed engine compartment limits the ventilation of gasoline and oil fumes. Because confined gasoline vapors mixed with a little air can form an explosive atmosphere, it is important to be especially vigilant in performing the following two (2) operations: 

Step 1 

Inspect the boat bilge area under the engine for the evidence of oil and gasoline or any gasoline odor. This inspection should take place the first time the boat is started each day. Raise the engine cover and visually look at the bilge area under the engine. 

Step 2 

Run the bilge blower for at least four (4) minutes to ventilate the bilge area each time before starting the engine. 

DANGER: Gasoline is explosive. If a gasoline odor is present or gasoline is visually observed in the bilge area during inspection, DO NOT START YOUR ENGINE! Remove the ignition key from the ignition switch and call an authorized MasterCraft Dealer for service. 

NOTE: If there is evidence of loose fuel fittings, deteriorated lines or other problems associated with the fuel system, call an authorized MasterCraft Dealer. Fuel system service on later-model MasterCraft boats requires special service tools and special training. Due to the potential for serious consequences when errors occur in servicing the fuel system, MasterCraft strongly encourages all boat owners and operators to seek professional assistance from an authorized MasterCraft Dealer's service department whenever any service or perceived problems occur within the fuel system. 

CAUTION: All replaced fuel components must meet United States Coast Guard (USCG) and American Boat & Yacht Council, Inc. (ABYC) standards, and must be Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) approved. Inferior quality components pose a serious safety threat to you and others, and the use of inferior components may result in serious injury or death. Resulting damage may void the warranty. 

All MasterCraft models are equipped with a fuel fill cap. These caps are hinged, and they snap open or closed to seal with an audible click. This is important for the system on these boats to operate correctly. Be sure to fully snap the cap shut after each fill. 

As part of the Annual Maintenance, the fuel filter must be changed. Due to the pressurized fuel lines, this maintenance can be done only by authorized MasterCraft Dealers

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