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Individuals in the water are obligated to be as aware of the fundamental safety rules as operators. If you are new to water sports, you should seek certified training before starting. You may find it especially helpful to join a local water-sports club, if available, and the U.S.W.S.A. (United States Water Skiing Association). 

- Always remember that the majority of in-water injuries are the result of impacts with other objects, so always look where you are going and be aware of what is going on around you. 


PROPELLER(S) MAY CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. Shut off the engine(s) when near persons in the water, prior to using sunpads, the swim platform or the boarding ladder. 

- Never put your arm, head or any other part of your body through the handle/bridle of the ski or wakeboarding line, nor wrap the line around any part of the body at any time.

- Never ski, wakeboard, wake surf or engage in tubing at night. 

- Never ski, wakeboard, wake surf or engage in tubing directly in front of other boats.

When adding accessories to the tower, ensure that the total aggregate weight of the accessories does not exceed 85 lbs. (U.S.). Exceeding the limit may result in structural failure of the tower. MasterCraft strongly encourages the use of MasterCraft towers and accessories only as they have been tested and determined to meet product requirements, including weight. 


Towers should never have a total aggregate weight of accessories exceeding 85 lbs. (U.S.). Excessive weight can cause tower failure and the collapse of a tower or the disconnection of the tower from the deck, which could result in serious bodily injury or damage to the boat that is not covered by warranty. 

- Never jump from a boat that is moving at any speed, nor enter or exit the water when the engine is running (ON). 


Maintain a distance of at least six (6) feet from the ski platform when wake surfing or tubing. Any closer risks exposure to CO fumes, which can be deadly. Never launch a surfboard from the ski platform (or any part of the boat) or end a surfing session by surfing onto the ski platform. Such activities can damage the boat, which is not covered under warranty. Being on the ski platform at any time the boat is running can potentially expose individuals to CO poisoning as well. 


- Never ride on the ski platform or hold on to the ski platform while in the water during engine operation, including at idle. Carbon monoxide fumes are expelled from the lower transom areas of your boat and can cause death or serious illness.

- Never climb, sit or stand on a tower. The tower is intended for towing only as noted. 

- Make sure that everyone knows and uses approved skiing/wake- boarding hand signals and adheres to common skiing, wake- boarding and boating courtesy. Inexperienced skiers might not know that there are waterskiing hand signals, similar to bicycle and motorcycle hand signals, that can be used while skiing. For example, giving a thumbs up or palm facing up signal while motioning upwards means ?speed up,? and the opposite, thumbs down or palms facing down, means ?slow down.? There are also signals for speed?turn right, turn left, stop?and signals for when you are down in the water. Learning these help the water skier communicate with the boat over the loud roar of the engine. The best way to utilize these signals is by having a spotter. Many states require at least two people be aboard the boat while towing a skier?one driver and one spotter. Having a spotter to watch the water skier allows the driver of the boat to concentrate on the water in front of and around the boat. The spotter watches the water skier and communicates hand signals to the driver and also can alert the driver when the skier falls. 

- Give immediate assistance to anyone who falls because they are vulnerable and may not be seen by other boaters. Approach individuals in the water from the leeward side (opposite the wind) and turn OFF the engine prior to reaching them. Propellers and engine exhaust are only part of the potential problem for some- one in the water. Be aware that propellers may continue to turn for a period of time after the engine is shut OFF, and the edges are often sharp enough to easily cut skin or break bones. 

- Ski and wakeboard only in acceptable areas. Avoid restricted areas.

The above mandates are not all-inclusive. It is the boater?s responsibility to operate the boat in a safe fashion and become familiar with any and all rules and regulations governing boat operation. 


Do not tow more than two (2) persons at one time on a tow tower. The tow tower approved for use on your boat should be used only for water skis, wakeboards, surfboards or recreational two-person towables, and not for parasailing, kite flying or towing other boats. Do not add any attachments that are not approved for use on your MasterCraft boat. Do not climb on, sit on, stand on, jump off of or dive off of the tower. Never allow passengers to sit behind the tow rope attachment point. Never allow loose tow rope ends to dangle. Always be certain that all bolts are in place and tight before and during use. When the tower is up, watch for low obstacles such as tree limbs, bridges or power lines.

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