Available as an option on all boats. There are two different types of flushes and the installed option will depend on the boat model. 


Boats that will be operated in saltwater (or brackish fresh water) need to be rinsed after every use, including internal engine parts where water has been drawn. 


The engine flush connection is on the transom, but varies on dfferent models. 


The engine flush connection allows for quick and easy connection to a shore-side garden hose or similar hose to quickly and easily flush the engine. See the ILMOR Engine Owners Manual for additional details regarding this important function. The flush connection is located on the transom. 


If a hose will not connect to the flush connection, locate a different hose. Garden hoses work fine as long as the hose end is not bent or misshapen. 

If water will not enter through the flush connection, disconnect the hose and check that there is no obstruction in the connection area. 

If there is no obvious reason for the system malfunction, take the boat to an authorized MasterCraft Dealer for assistance. 

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