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To connect the trailer to the tow vehicle, open the coupler mechanism (instructions below). When necessary, raise the trailer jack. Slowly back up the tow vehicle until the hitch ball is under the coupler. This is easier to perform with another person standing beside the trailer and guiding the driver. 

WARNING: Do not move the trailer to the tow vehicle. When the trailer is moved without a tow vehicle, the brakes do not work. 

If the latch accidentally opens, the coupler could detach from the hitch ball. The hitch pin should fit easily into the hole. If it does not, the coupler latch is not completely closed. Every time the coupler is attached to the hitch ball, be sure the coupler completely covers the hitch ball and the lift handle will not open. If the hitch pin is damaged or lost, contact an authorized MasterCraft dealer to purchase a replacement pin. 

WARNING: You must install either the hitch pin that is supplied or a padlock (1/4 or 5/16 shank) into the hitch pin hole before towing to pre- vent the coupler latch from accidentally opening. 

To Open The Coupler

Remove the hitch pin from the hole in the side of the coupler. Slide the lock/latch rearward which should allow the latch to spring upward. The coupler should unlatch easily. If not, the ball may be over-sized or egg-shaped, foreign matter could be lodged in the coupler ball socket, or the coupler is pushing on the hitch ball. Check to make sure the wheel on the tongue jack is raised or that the rig is not parked downhill. Correct these conditions, and then try to open the handle. If the tongue jack is forcing the front of the trailer up or the trailer is pushing against the tow vehicle, it can result in failure of the coupler to open properly. 

To Close The Coupler

Place the coupler over the ball, lower the coupler and close the latch and slide the lock forward. 

An audible click will be heard. The latch should close with finger pressure. If the latch will not close freely, the ball is not fully inserted into the socket, it is over-sized or egg- shaped, or the latching mechanism is damaged. DO NOT FORCE THE HANDLE. If necessary, replace the ball with a quality unit that meets SAE specifications. 

Insert the hitch pin into the hole on the side of the coupler. The hitch pin will not go in the coupler if the hitch ball is not seated properly. 

WARNING: DO NOT tow the trailer with the handle open or if the latch handle will not remain closed. Check to see that the coupler is locked. If the latch is damaged, contact an authorized MasterCraft Dealer for assistance. 

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