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Storage or winter lay-up requires special preparation to prevent damage to the boat. Since winter storage is an annual event, it presents an excellent opportunity to perform annual maintenance. Check with an authorized MasterCraft dealers service department regarding your boats needs to determine if this is an appropriate time for annual service. 

Without proper preparation, storage for long periods of time (at any time of the year) may cause harm to various components of the boat and drive train. If the boat has been stored in below-freezing temperatures with water inside the bilge or engine cooling system it may result in major freezing damage to any of the following: the heater, shower, ballast tanks, wash down tanks, coolers, bilge and ballast pumps; or any container or area in which water has been located. This type of damage is not covered under warranty. 

Refer to the Ilmor Engine Owners Manual, included in the New Owner Information Package for guidance regarding the storage and winterization of the engine, transmission and components of the drive train. 

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