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All XSeries and XStar, as an option. 


The GEN2 Wake Shaping Devices (WSDs) can be used in sync with presets or manually adjusted to help build and shape a surf wake with more push and a larger optimal surfing area. The center attitude adjustment plate (see instructions in the "Center Attitude Adjustment Plate" section) can aid in this as well. 


The WSDs are installed on the port and starboard sides of the boats stern. The switch is located on the armrest or it can be controlled through the Video Display Gauge. 


In the presets, SURF RIGHT will deploy the port WSD, and SURF LEFT will deploy the starboard WSD. Surf tabs can also be used as trim tabs to help level the boat that has an unbalanced load on port or starboard or when a strong wind is present. Press the right trim button to make the boat rotate to the right (starboard) and press the left trim button to make the boat rotate left (port). To raise all devices, press and hold the UP button until the center attitude is at zero percent (0%). Release and press the UP button again to raise the GEN2 WSDs to zero percent (0%). This information will also appear in the Video Display Gauge, as equipped, and operates in the same manner. 

Special Attention

On the X2, X10, X30, X46, and XSTAR models, GEN2 WSDs are limited to seventy- five percent (75%) maximum extension when the boat speed exceeds twenty miles per hour (20 mph) or thirty-two kilometers per hour (32 km/h). 

On the X20 and X23 models, GEN2 WSDs are limited to seventy- five percent (75%) maximum extension when the boat speed exceeds twenty five miles per hour (25 mph) or forty kilometers per hour (40 km/h). Maneuvering a boat with the WSDs extended requires practice to master. Initial times running with the surf tabs extended should be done at low speed with plenty of room. This is critical to learning how the WSDs affect control and maneuverability, especially when actuating WSDs with the attitude adjustment plate(s). 

Warning: Electromechanical actuators provide an instant response. When making adjustments, use short momentary taps of the switch. 

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