All MasterCraft boats are equipped with an automatic fire suppression system. The automatic system operates from sensors in the engine room and will automatically release a clean-agent, gaseous chemical that does not leave residue behind. In boats sold domestically and some internationally, this is the HFC-227 system. 

It is also possible to activate the system manually on the domestic boats only. Pull the pin with the red tag and then pull the red fire handle to set the system in operation. (International boats are automatic only.) 

In case of an engine compartment fire, shut down the engine and blowers before manual discharge or immediately following the automatic discharge. Boats are equipped with a discharge indication light at the instrument panel or on the video display gauge at the helm. 

After the suppression system has been used, the fire extinguisher canister will be empty. The boat owner/operator should have the canister replaced as soon as possible. 

MasterCraft boats have also been specified to carry a hand-held 2.5 lb. monoammonium phosphate expellant (dry chemical) unit, which is rated Class A (trash, wood and paper), Class B ( flammable liquids, fuel, gas) and Class C (energized electrical equipment). These units should be used in situations other than engine compartment fires.

Hand-held units should be replaced or recharged as soon as possible after use. Chemical discharge should be cleaned from all surfaces as soon as possible and prior to running the boat again, unless operation is necessary to return to shore. 

The boat should never be operated following a fire until after a determination has been made whether operation may result in an- other re. If any danger of an additional fire exists, the boat should be towed to shore or dock rather than running the engine(s). 

Consumers who choose to purchase fire control equipment from resources other than MasterCraft must follow the instructions and requirements as listed within the engine compartment regarding suitability for the compartment volume. These standards are established by the Coast Guard Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC). 



Following the activation of the automatic re suppression system or a hand-held re extinguisher, a careful determination should be made as to whether the boat can safely be operated. If there is any doubt or concern whatsoever, the boat should be towed to shore and/or dock for service by an authorized MasterCraft Dealer prior to operating again. Failure to follow these instructions could result in death or serious injury/illness.

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