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The engine compartment in every MasterCraft boat is equipped with an automatic fire suppression system. The system has a manual override mounted in the helm area (domestic boats only) which uses a clean agent canister to suppress fires in the engine compartment. 

Every boat MasterCraft builds is also required by law to have on board one (1) 2.5-pound, dry chemical fire extinguisher rated for Type A, B and C fires. The dry chemical fire extinguisher is standard equipment, and is automatically included in your boat from the factory. Replacement units can be ordered from your local MasterCraft Dealer.

If any of the fire suppression system canisters on board your boat are discharged (whether a canister in an automatic system or a portable fire extinguisher), then they must be replaced immediately. If the automatic fire suppression system has been discharged, the video display at the helm will notify the driver. If the clean agent canister associated with the automatic fire suppression system has been discharged, it must be replaced. Contact your authorized MasterCraft Dealer to obtain a replacement for the clean agent type of canister. If the dry chemical fire extinguisher has been discharged, it must be replaced with a fire extinguisher that is rated for Type A, B and C fires from an authorized MasterCraft Dealer or another source. 

Fire extinguishers require periodic maintenance. Monthly, each fire extinguisher on your boat should be examined to be sure that the seals and tamper indicators are not broken or missing. The pressure gauges or indicators, if applicable, should read in the operable range. There should be no obvious physical damage, rust, corrosion, leakage or clogged nozzles. Additionally, if the extinguisher has not been used, it should be weighed annually to assure that the minimum weight as stated on the label still exists. Any fire extinguisher that has been partially emptied must be replaced or taken to a qualified fire extinguisher servicing company for recharging as soon as possible. 

In an automatic/manual system, ensure the pin inserted to protect the system at the helm during transit from the factory has been pulled to activate the system. This is part of dealer preparation, but it is the responsibility of the boat owner to ensure that the system is functional. 

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