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Because of the demanding drain on the electrical system by modern MasterCraft boats, it has become necessary to implement a dual battery system. When properly operated, the system will allow the boat engine to crank over with immediacy and support the various entertainment options on-board. 


Two batteries function from a dual battery switch, which are located under the port rear storage seat in most models. See the Guideto Individual Models section of this Owners Manual. Battery and battery switch locations vary by model. 


For normal operation, the battery switch should be placed in the ON position. This allows the engine and all accessories to receive power. A running engine will recharge both batteries with the switch ON. For transportation of the boat by trailer and during storage, the battery switch should be placed in the OFF position to allow both batteries to be isolated from all circuits. The COMBINE setting should be reserved only for emergency starting when one battery has failed while on an outing. 

NOTE: The switch knob may be removed when it is in the OFF position. This is a security feature to ensure that batteries are OFF. If the engine will not start because the battery is discharged, follow recharging instructions described in the Electrical Instructions section of the Owners Manual. 


Because battery needs can vary substantially depending on a number of factors in usage from boating locations to number of electrical components on the boat, MasterCraft does not place a specific battery or batteries in the boat. The company strongly encourages you to discuss this critical matter with your authorized MasterCraft Dealer prior to purchase and placement of the battery in the boat. All batteries must have 750 CCA (cold cranking amps). Less can result in too-fast discharge of the battery charge and may leave boaters stranded of water. Spiral cell batteries are recommended. 

Review all electrical information provided in your MasterCraft Owners Manual prior to first time operation of the boat. 

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