Avoid any activity that may result in damage to the boat, thereby voiding the warranty. Some things, such as avoiding stationary objects, are obvious. However, even less obvious activities can cause damage to a boat, no matter how well-built. For example, while a beach or shoreline may seem soft while walking on it, running a boat up onto shore may result in significant scratches in the fiberglass finish. The causes of many kinds of damage are usually quite obvious to trained service personnel, and if they determine that damage was caused by misuse or activity such as beaching, such results can void the warranty.

MasterCraft cannot anticipate every type of activity or neglect that could result in damage to the boat or that may cause illness, injury or even death to boaters. The operator, owner and/or all persons on board are responsible for using common sense and a careful thought process to ensure that every measure has been taken to keep boating enjoyable for many years to come. A MasterCraft boat can be the source of countless hours of family fun, as well as building friendships. But the boating experience remains safe only if you, and everyone on board, use your head before, during and after your boating activity.

As you anticipate many good times ahead with the MasterCraft boat, be sure that, first and foremost, you are well-prepared to be responsible.

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