Secure the breakaway cable to the bumper or frame of the tow vehicle as close to the center as possible, but do not attach it to the safety chains. The cable MUST hang clear of the trailer tongue and be long enough to permit sharp turns without pulling the cable to prevent the brakes from being engages. The intent of the breakaway cable is to apply the brakes if the safety chains fail. Do not loop an S-hook over the breakaway cable to attach it. 

Never tow a trailer without the breakaway cable secured to the tow vehicle. 

To retract the breakaway cable, slide the coupler fully forward and push up on the push rod release bracket located on the underside and behind the hitch ball socket. 

Checking And Resetting The Breakaway Cable 

To retract or release the breakaway cable, remove the plastic cap on top of the actu- ator. Verify the E-stop (breakaway cable) is set, with the cable bracket toward the rear of the opening. To release, press on the forward E-stop release bracket (front of opening) with your finger or a screwdriver until the E-stop cable bracket snaps back into the forward, disengaged position. A screwdriver may be needed to assist in prying the cable bracket forward. 

CAUTION: The breakaway system must be reset anytime the cable has been pulled. 

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