MasterCraft recommends that your annual or one hundred (100) hour maintenance requirements be performed by an authorized MasterCraft Dealer. The staff there has the proper equipment and technical training to best meet your service needs.

Some boat owners choose to personally execute some maintenance procedures on their boats. MasterCraft has provided information on several procedures. For safety reasons, a few must be performed by authorized MasterCraft Service Technicians only, such as anything involving checks and repairs on the fuel line, which is under pressure, and replacement of impellers. 

These matters must be addressed on a regular basis, at one hundred (100) hours or annually, whichever comes first, and these procedures are in addition to seasonal preparation and winterization (see the Storage section for additional details). All of these issues are extremely important to continued boating pleasure, as well as long life for the boat, and the critical matter of safety. 

Even if the annual maintenance work is completed by an authorized MasterCraft Service Technician, boat owners and operators should still review this section and ensure that they have some understanding of what is necessary to keep the boat in top condition. 

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