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12-volt receptacles allow external electronic devices to charge from the boats electrical system. 


MasterCraft boats have one (1) or more 12-volt receptacles. Examine your boat to determine whether there are additional outlets. 


Prior to plugging any accessory into a 12-volt receptacle, ensure that the device is designed for use when connected to a 12-volt receptacle and will not be damaged by the connection to the receptacle. Never try to force a connection. Use of unacceptable chargers constitutes abuse of the system and MasterCraft will not be responsible for subsequent damage to the boats electrical system or the charger or the device being charged. This is not covered under warranty. 


If devices do not recharge after the expected period of time, verify that the correct type of charger has been used and that it was fully seated within the 12-volt receptacle. If it appears that the charger was the correct type and that it was fully seated but the device still did not recharge, take the boat to your authorized MasterCraft dealer to determine whether the receptacle is malfunctioning and should be replaced. This is extremely rare.

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