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As a MasterCraft owner you’ve made an investment in your summer, your lifestyle and your lifelong memories. Rest easy knowing your investment is built with best-in-class materials, proven durability, and backed by the industry’s best warranty and service teams.

From how-to’s to warranty extensions — find everything you need to maximize your MasterCraft experience here.

MasterCraft offers a fully factory backed, fully comprehensive and fully covered five-year / 500 hour warranty known as MasterCare. For more detailed information on MasterCraft’s MasterCare warranty please refer to page 612 in the 2024 Owner’s Manual.

Ilmor is proud to offer our industry-leading 7-Year/1000-Hour factory-backed Standard Limited Warranty on the complete lineup of MasterCraft Boat engines. 

At the time of delivery to the first owner of a MasterCraft, the dealer will complete the warranty registration. The boat must be registered for product warranty purposes under applicable federal and state law. Additionally, warranty registrations provide a method for distributing information and allows us to notify owners of any mandatory recalls or other issues requiring attention.  

Any unexpired warranty coverage can be transferred to the second owner and remain in effect for the remainder of the applicable warranty period.  

To transfer remaining warranty coverage with the sale of the boat, the second owner must tow the boat to their local authorized MasterCraft dealership for an inspection and deliver each of the following within fourteen (14) days of the date of sale and within five (5) years of the date of the original retail purchase.  

  • Copy of sales agreement / invoice  

  • Payment of $500  

  • MasterCraft Dealer to provide a copy of inspection 

To initiate a transfer please contact your local dealership. 

Note: The second purchaser must also pay a separate fee for engine transfer. See Ilmor Owner’s Manual for more information on engine warranty transfer procedure.  

Proper care, maintenance and adjustment will contribute to the peak performance of your MasterCraft boat, while also extending the overall service life and the resale value. Below is an outline of our recommended service schedule. Please note, MasterCraft recommends that the following be performed by authorized MasterCraft technicians at an authorized MasterCraft dealer. 

New Boat Break In  

  • Check the alignment of the propeller shaft.  

  • Have an authorized MasterCraft service department change the fuel filter after the first fifty (50) hours of operation, and then again at one hundred (100) hours. The fuel filter should be changed annually, even if less than one hundred (100) hours are run during the previous season.  

Quarterly Maintenance (Every 50 Hours) 

  • Check the safety equipment.  

  • Have an authorized MasterCraft service department change the oil.  

Annual Maintenance (Every 100 Hours)  

  • Replace the fuel filter. 

  • Check the propeller shaft coupler alignment.  

  • Lubricate the steering system. 

  • Lubricate the throttle and shift cables.  

  • Check the engine mounts.  

  • Inspect the complete fuel system for leakage.  

  • Check the fire extinguisher and suppression units on-board.  

  • Change impellers.  

For a full list of recommended maintenance and care, view your model year Owner’s Manual 

Review the engine manual before each outing to determine the drive train requirements that need to be followed prior to each use. Also review the Safety Checks and Services section of the Owner’s Manual as there are important functions that must be followed before, during and after every outing.  


Before Each Use: 


  • Inspect the raw water intake strainer for blockage. If there is blockage, check the transmission cooler (where equipped.).   

  • Check and clean the seacock strainer as necessary.  


  • Check the cooling system level. See the engine owner’s manual for details.  


  • Inspect battery connections and hold-downs. 


  • Inspect the drive train for loose or missing hardware. 


  • Inspect the throttle and shift cables for kinks, wear and interference with other components.  


  • Inspect the propeller shaft log for excessive water entry.  


  • Inspect the fuel system lines and connections for leaks. 


  • Check the water leaks or excessive exhaust odor. 


  • As you start the engine, check that the voltage readings register as fully charged battery. 


After Each Use: 


Please refer to the Cleaning the Boat and Corrosion Prevention sections of the Owner’s Manual for guidance on a thorough approach to maintenance.  


Also pay attention to the maintenance of teak platforms and accessories because wood requires periodic maintenance as well.  
Boats equipped with an optional flushing system for use in saltwater or brackish water should operate the flushing system.  

For information on upholstery cleaners, how to clean your carpet, etc., please check out our FAQs under the “Care” tab.  


Storage or winter lay-up requires special preparation to prevent damage to the boat and its systems. Since winter storage is an annual event, it presents an excellent opportunity to perform annual maintenance. Check with an authorized MasterCraft dealer’s service department regarding your boat’s needs to determine if this is an appropriate time for annual service.  

Current year and previous year Owner’s Manuals are available digitally on our website. (1978-present year.) The Owner’s Manuals contain pertinent information on how to get the most out of your MasterCraft experience. From how to operate the MasterCraft dashes and screens to safety knowledge and care and maintenance, the Owner’s Manual serves as a thorough resource for the most-up-date specs, laws and recommendations (at time of printing.)  


If you have additional questions after reading the manuals, please feel free to contact your local dealer for further assistance. 

MasterCraft custom designs and builds trailers to perfectly match every boat that comes off our assembly floor. MasterCraft trailers have been engineered and constructed for years of trouble-free use.  

To maintain proper function and to keep your trailer in top condition, some routine care and maintenance is necessary. If the boat is run in brackish or salt water, the trailer should be rinsed thoroughly after every trip because of residual effects of the brackish or salt water. An annual washing with a mild detergent and waxing with an auto wax will also help to keep the trailer bright and clean.  

When selecting a tow vehicle for your MasterCraft, it is important to determine the exact weight of your boat and trailer. These weights must be confirmed before you can choose a tow vehicle that's right for you and your towing needs. 

For a full list of towing tips, safety checklist, and suggested maintenance and service schedule, please see the current year’s Owner’s Manual, page 395-445.  
For trailer specifications and gross combined weight by model, please refer to the Owner’s Manual, pages 447-451.


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Want to brush up your boat launching skills? Need some tips on landing your first 360? Curious how to best get your kid up and surfing? Our How-To video library is filled with tutorials from our experts to help you maximize your MasterCraft experience in every way.

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Wake Responsibly is a campaign to ensure every moment on the lake is safe and enjoyable for all. MasterCraft encourages you to take the pledge and always remember to:

1. Minimize repetitive passes
2. Keep music at a reasonable level
3. Stay 200 feet or more away from shorelines and docks while riding

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