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For cable systems only (both standard steering and DockStar Handling System); hydraulic steering maintenance must be completed by an authorized MasterCraft Dealer only. Because this process should be completed while all movable components of the drive train are NOT in motion, MasterCraft recommends lubrication be done while the boat is out of the water. The process below is for all MasterCraft boat models. Additional steps listed after are required for ProStar rudders. 

Step 1 

Ensure the engine is OFF and disconnect the engine safety stop switch. Be sure that the throttle/shift control lever is in neutral. The engine must be cool. 

Step 2 

Remove the access panel in the rear trunk compartment. 

Step 3 

Turn the steering wheel so that the maximum amount of steering cable is seen (see photo to the right, notice that the engine has been removed, this is not necessary for lubrication). 

Step 4 

Use solvent to clean old lubricant from the cable end, pivot and rudder shaft. 

Step 5 

Spread a generous amount of white lithium grease over the cable end. Work the steering wheel back and forth and reapply grease. 


Step 6 

Spread grease over this portion of the cable (Step 5) 

Using the flexible end of a grease gun, give two (2) full shots of white lithium grease to the zerk fitting on the steering tube pivot (circled above). Clean up any old grease purged from the areas. 

NOTE: The ProStar has one additional rudder port zerk fitting. Do NOT use white lithium grease on this rudder port. Use two (2) full shots of Alpha FG2-100, available only from an authorized MasterCraft Dealer, 


Step 7 

Rotate the steering wheel back and forth several times to work the lubricant in. 

Step 8 

Reinstall the access panel. 

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