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As a convenience, a battery charger is offered as an option. The charger is designed to recharge the batteries and also to extend battery life in applications where the boat is stored. These are three-stage electronic chargers, completely automatic, lightweight, and silent. Unlike most automotive chargers, this charger will not boil off the electrolytes in properly installed and maintained batteries. 


The red and green LED lights, which are mounted on the charger face, indicate when the unit is recharging and maintaining the batteries. The battery charger will shut o when the batteries are fully charged. 

Before charging a battery, do not operate the charger if the cables or an LED is damaged. Be sure that all accessories are OFF. 

If the battery or batteries must be removed from the product, always remove the grounded terminal from the battery first. Be sure that the area around the battery is well ventilated while the battery is being charged. Also ensure that the battery terminals are free of corrosion.


If the battery charger ever appears to be malfunctioning, see your authorized MasterCraft Dealer for assistance. Repair or replacement of battery chargers should be done only through the dealer. 


When charging, batteries generate small amounts of dangerous hydrogen gas. This gas is highly explosive. Keep all sparks, ames and smoking well away from the area. Failure to follow instructions when charging a battery may cause an electrical charge or even an explosion of the battery, which could result in death or serious injury. 

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