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Gen2 Surf System


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Your wave, your way

The GEN2 Surf System delivers endless custom waves for surfers of all skill levels. Welcome to the best wakesurf boat experience.

Our award-winning GEN2 Surf System is built to give you the best and most adjustable wave on the planet. Surfers love enjoying perfectly customized waves regardless of their size or ability level. Drivers love its simplicity: one-button control of every variable (ballast, speed, shaping device angles). Simply the best and nothing less.

In 2009, MasterCraft debuted the industry’s first surf system. After 19 patents, our team of dedicated naval architects continues to innovate and evolve our surf waves, making them longer, more versatile and more fun.

Explore the GEN2 Surf System on your MasterCraft

From hull design to software, every part of the GEN2 Surf System is customized for each boat we offer.

Mastercraft Gen2 Surf Wave

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