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MasterCraft has always been a pioneer of product innovation, styling, comfort, performance and quality. With the most adjustable wakes, the best comfort amenities, unrivaled craftsmanship and 13 models across our family lineup, MasterCraft continues to deliver the most fun on water for every family and type of rider.

Where we started

MasterCraft was founded in 1968 when it built its first ski boat in a two-stall horse barn on a farm in Maryville, Tennessee. Disappointed by the large wakes and pull of other ski boats, MasterCraft builders designed a hull for the smallest wake in the industry; smooth and low at slalom and jump speeds, well-defined at trick speeds.

In its first year, MasterCraft only built 12 boats. However, the boat design was so revolutionary that they soon got order after order, rising quickly as the best ski boat on the market.

Innovation never stops

When wakesurfing took the industry by storm, we were the first brand with surf technology onboard. Over the past 10 years, we continue to evolve our surf technology to create the best behind-the-boat experience for everyone. Today, MasterCraft designs and builds thousands of surf, wakeboard and tournament ski boats a year to keep up with growing demand. 

From our all-thrills NXT to the iconic XStar, every boat we offer is expertly crafted in Vonore, Tennessee. Our family of over 500 craftsmen, innovators and ski boat lovers are dedicated to hand-building the world’s best boats. Because every MasterCraft comes from Vonore, hundreds of owners, skiers and boarders visit the company’s headquarters each year to see where their dream ride was created.

All MasterCraft boats are expertly crafted in Vonore, Tennessee by our family of over 585 or 600 craftsmen, innovators and ski boat lovers. These "MasterCraftsmen" descend on Lake Tellico every morning dedicated to hand-building the world's best boats. Because every MasterCraft comes from Vonore, hundreds of owners, skiers and boarders visit the company's headquarters every year to see the birthplace of their most prized surf possession.

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Recognized and Renowned


MasterCraft is the most award-winning producer of wakesurf, inboard ski, wakeboard and luxury performance powerboats in the world. Our boats reign the water in over 30 different countries, sold worldwide by 130 domestic and international dealers. With the most models in the industry, there’s a perfect boat for every family.