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Old 07-04-2011, 09:46 AM
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2008 X2 Starving for Fuel

Had fuel filter in tank replaced this spring coming from unwinterization, boat has about 80 hours. After running the boat we had problems with boat dieing out when running her at higher RPM, like 4800-5000, however not at wakeboarding speeds and surfing speeds, no problems there. What it felt like was as though it was starving for fuel, I would simply drop throttle let it idle a bit then accelerate back up to speed and seemed to be ok for a bit. I did a little reading here and decided to replace the fuel pump, so removed the module and replaced the pump (old one did sound a little ratty), and while doing this I noticed a black ring sitting in the bottom of the tank, I took it out and it was the lower seal to the pump (pump to can or module seal I guess you could say), probably the dealer dropped it while servicing the filter. So I replaced it figuring this probably was the problem however after taking her for a run I did notice I still had a little starvation at high rpm's, not nearly as bad though. My next step I figure is to attach a fuel pressure guage to the fuel rail and see if I am getting a low pressure when this happens. So, what I sermize is that the module acts like a storage can, such that the pump always has some fuel to suck during rough times, and that if the seal was missing the fuel would quickly run out during these times, does this sound right. And also thinking that the module has a float like operation in it, maybe this is not working right and also allowing the fuel to leak back into the tank. Now this would only be true if the tank was low in fuel which it has never been, maybe I am wrong on that one though.
I believe it is a module problem, and the fuel pressure should show me this I would think. Does anyone here have any insight into this problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated !
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