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Old 08-12-2007, 12:59 PM
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Will changing my prop help Perfect pass??

I went out fo my first proper day in my 04 X10 today. The only problem we had was the boat took ages to get to 23mph when the Perfect Pass was on. Also initally it would accelaerate upto about 26 / 27 before dropping back to 23mph. Once it had dropped back to 23mph it struggled to hold the speed when we put ballast in, it seemed like the engine could not keep up with the adjustments the Perfect Pass was making. Im thinking that most of this is down to the current prop which is a 14 x 19.5 but would like some confirmation from you guys.

Also if I switch to a Acme 845 13.5 x 16 I know my hole shot will improve but will it help the boat to hold its speed better????? I am thinking that this prop would help the engine to react more quickly.

Im in the UK and have to order props from the US so any opinions before I order one would be appreciated.

2004 X10 extra Ballast & pimped stereo
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