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Originally Posted by Double D View Post
Need a little insight here.

I have never really thought my alternator was putting out its full capabilities (50 Amps) but I have recently added a second battery with an automatic switch/isolator , two amps, and (4) neon strips. In addition I have Perfect Pass as well.

Two things are happening when the batteries are low: The PP will reset itself when I turn on the neons (Battery #1), and the radio will kick off when I turn it up too loud with thumping (Battery #2). I also know they are low because I throw them on the charger after trips and they show 60%.

So, I plan to get the Alternator rebuilt. The questions I have are:
(1) Should I need to increase the amp output with my current set up?
(2) If I increase the amps, do I need to update any wiring or breakers?

Thanks for your help!
What year of boat? The alternator's case style determines how much it can be upgraded. Yes, you will need to increase the gauge of the charging wire, but 4 ga is larger than you'll need unless the charging current is more than about 100A. Most MC have had up to 8ga, which is good up to about 60A.

How old is your main battery? If it has been totally discharged several times, replace it and see if this problem still exists. Does the stereo connect to the main battery, or the new one? What gauge cable is used for the amps' power connections? Did you use a distribution block? Where are the amps grounded- directly to the battery, or to the block?
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