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Old 11-02-2012, 01:58 AM
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Pumps...thruster ...why not?

So I'm in the middle of planning a ballast upgrade... I have a few design requirements:

Must fill either side additional bags in less than 4 minutes (or better)
Must switch surf sides in less than 4 minutes (or better)
Draining for returning home can take 5-6 minutes.

After doing real world calculations, a reversible pump can move about 90lbs/minute...

Moving 2000 lbs with 3 new pumps + the 3 factory pumps (6 total) would translate to 6 x 90 x 4 minutes = 2160lbs

Goal solved right? Wrong.

I'm not all that excited about this configuration. I think, but am not sure ( i need guidance/help ), that there is a better way to fill/drain bags than using reversible pumps.

To fill, what if I used a Jabsco Low Pressure Cyclon Centrifugal Pump - 12V 50840-0012 ... It does ~29 vs ~8 GPM .. 3 times the volume on paper... 3 times faster.

What am I missing here? Likely an impeller burnout problem or other common problems with that type of use case. This pump isn't reversible.. Could solve that two ways. 1 use a set of valves to swap the fill/drain pipes ... 2 use a tsunami pump to drain or transfer surfsides from a separate connection to the bag.

I also think the real world #'s might be less. I gotta think that wakemakers or somebody has already spent more than the 20 minutes I have on this problem.

Ok, so maybe there is a better way, maybe not... I'll poke around to see what's possible.

But wait...Thinking bigger, much bigger and am wondering if when the thruster pump in the below video isn't being used to help dock or maneuver in tight places, could the massive jet pump be filling bags really fast?


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