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Thanks for the feedback everyone. Let me explain a little further.

- I know that I have Jabsco pumps and a manifold.
- I do not have any vents for the KGB installed as my boat did not come with that option.
- No timers on my pumps, just a switch and breaker for each pump.
- I have added the 3rd pump for the KGB, as well as the electrical.

The part I am curious about is...did MC ever use aerator pumps on the X1's? The shop I spoke with was adamant that they all had aerators and no manifold, and were plumbed differently that the 03-05, and that's why I didn't get all the pieces I needed in the kit. That's also the reason, I'm told, that they supplied two small custom bags vs a single v bag. It's my curiosity more than anything as I know what my system looks like, in spite of the tech guy telling me otherwise (haha).

CheeseSteak1- I hear you on the lead. I happen to trailer 2.5 hrs each way, so was trying to avoid any permanent weight like that. Worse yet, we launch and recover from sandy beaches, and drive/tow across loose, deep sand (8"+) often. Yes, there are paved ramps, but they aren't an option for me most of the time. Very different than most people here, I understand. The extra weight in sand is a big concern.

For now it's going to fill thru the manifold. Not ideal, and might be changed later, but for now that's the way I plumbed the KGB.

MI_Corey- The V bag is available. The reason that was not sent in the piggyback kit, I'm told, was because of the 'plumbing and pump changes for the X1'. I haven't found anyone on here talk about dual bags in the front of a 205V. My big objection to the dual bags is the location of the vent fittings in the bags themselves. Seems they will push the seats up well before they are filled if I use the supplied quick release fittings. Might go with thread in elbows instead to prevent this.

Thanks again for the help and info guys!
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I don't think they ever used aerator pumps on the X1. I believe the 2001 x-star was the last 205v based boat to have aerator pumps. The 2002 X-star and 2003-2005 X2 all had jabsco reversible impeller pumps.
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