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Old 09-08-2011, 05:34 PM
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Now you have me re-thinking this, for surfing I don't think what you explained would work because the pocket is just to darn short... However... What might work is to create a double wake, like you would get off of an X80 twin screw.

Load both boats Port or Starboard for that matter, which could give you a nice surf wave on each side, the rider could cross sides or even 2 surfers. You could even be offset in distance a bit. The offset might work better, because of the wash created by boat 1. Hmmm, just might have to try this one, probably will have to wait till next year though. This would be a lot tougher for the second boat because he would have the beams distance away to judge.

Originally Posted by wakescene View Post
I'm going to ignore all of the ridiculous comments in this thread and get right on topic.

We have tried something similar to this with wakeboarding. They only way we could make it work was to stagger the boats to create a constant Double-Up wake. It did work, but was inconsistent due to wind, PP speeds etc. But on the occasion we got the wakes to line up, it was stellar and hitting a D-Up wall like that running at normal wakeboard speeds was unreal.

I am thinking that this is how you need to run to get the wakesurf wakes to line up. Ours was staggered about 100ft in front of the boat with the rider and off to the side about 30ft (this should be the side the rider is on). The speeds have to be identical to get it consistent, but it could work for a short time. The front boat dies not need to have a weighted side, only to be creating a decent wake at slow speed.

Honestly to get this to work you need two good drivers that KNOW HOW TO READ WAKES, and how to drive them at angles so that you get the convergence.
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Old 09-08-2011, 07:10 PM
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Originally Posted by wakescene View Post
I'm going to ignore all of the ridiculous comments in this thread and get right on topic.
Too late, you post.

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Found this video of 2 X-80's. Looks like if it's done "right" you can surf it without the rope.

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Originally Posted by Sodar View Post
We have done it up at Naci a few times. Even more fun is riding a stand-up jet ski between the 2 boats and jumping the wake. It's almost as fun as surfing a real wave.
We used to do that in our shows in San Diego and Germany. You could fly! Only time I actually liked riding a smoker!
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