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Old 08-11-2008, 01:01 AM
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Fuel Pump 101

Okay, I am starting this post to help educate ourselves and possibly get to the bottom of the MC fuel pump problem. I have included a gazillion pictures. So, please bear with me.

Is there a problem with the MC fuel delivery system? I think so. An unofficial poll on another website showed that MC has a 4 to 1 failure rate compared with other ski/wakeboard boats. Visit the other boat manufacturers forums and type in "fuel pump" and you will get only a handful (if that many) results. Do the same search on this forum and you will be reading for hours. In an email reply to my questioning the problem, the representative said, "Federal Mogul did make a pump body change to help with recurring pump failures and high warranty claims." "Recurring pump failures" and "high warranty claims?" Sounds like a problem to me!

MC did extend the warranty from one year to two for the fuel pump. And, they added a "warning" to the manual of NEW boats about running with less than 1/4 of a tank. Any sane person will tell you that this does not fix the problem. IMO, MC should of engineered a fix and done a 100% recall. It is the only fair thing to do for the 1,000's of people who paid top dollar for the best.

Okay, so let me get started with the pictures. The pictures are more or less to help those who have never seen a fuel pump module in detail. The entire process of removing the module and taking it apart was a learning experience. I have posted quite a few times regarding this fuel pump issue and I have been wrong in some assumptions. But, I am learning.

Well, here is the fuel pump module from the outside.
NOTE: the 12 bolts that mount the pump to the tank should be torque to 49 inch pounds (thanks JimN for the info).

Remove the 12 bolts, the vent hose, and the wiring harness and it comes out like this.

I removed the fuel line to the motor with a special tool. This allows the module to come completely out.

Remove the 3 screws on the metal sleeve and this is what you see on the inside.

The fuel pump is held in by a plastic support at the bottom of the module. The smooth black fuel hose is quite rigid and in my module it was kinked (quite a bit IMO).

Here is the underside of the top portion with the hose already removed. The clamp on this hose is a one-time usage clamp.
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