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Old 07-12-2018, 04:46 PM
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Battery Issues

I have a 2013 X 30 with two batteries. When my primary battery is accessed and I start the boat it shows it's pushing 13-14 amps. Which is the same as the amperage pushed by my secondary battery when it is accessed. However, when I am only using the primary battery in an auxiliary situation like when we are parked in a cove running just the stereo and tower speakers the primary battery seems give out. This becomes evident because the music coming through the tower speakers becomes static filled and garbled. If I switch over to the secondary battery there are no issues. I thought that my battery might be running low on power, but I drove around for a long time in hopes that it would recharge, but it does not seem to hold the charge. Am I looking at just replacing the battery or could there be some other power bleed I don't know about?

Any help and suggestions is greatly appreciated.
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Old 07-12-2018, 05:00 PM
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Those are voltage readings going INTO the battery and the rest of the boat systems, from the alternator, not pushing out.

First, you need to know for sure that the alternator output, that 13-14 you see on the helm, is actually reaching the battery. A poor connection can reduce the level. This puts the battery in a hole when you drop anchor.

Next, you need to check the battery voltage level, recharge if its low, then test again after letting it sit a couple hours or crank the engine 2-3 times. A good but used battery should reach and hold 12.5V at least.

If the system is wired correctly turning the switch off will prevent any parasitic draws, except maybe the auto bilge lead, when the boat is not in use.
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Old 07-12-2018, 05:36 PM
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On a 2013 - Your switch selector should be Off, On, or combine. Your connections should be marked "Start" & "House". First check to make sure you are connected to your batts correctly. With the switch in the "On" position, the system reserves the start batt only for starting the boat, and the House Batt for all other electrical systems. When switched to combine, it will use both batts combined, used typically should the start batt run too low to start the boat. In the off position, the only thing that is hot is the bilge pumps.

The 2013's and beyond, use a lot of voltage to run the stereo, big screen etc. Sounds like your house batt is not strong enough & needs replaced, I highly recommend replacing & upping your house batt to something like this https://4xspower.com/shop/product-category/xp-series/ (XP3000)

I was always having voltage drop issues with the standard size marine batts, once I switched the the XP3000, never had any issues. I also recommend a float charger when not in use/storage!

I have the service electrical manual if anyone wants it - Send a PM
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