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Originally Posted by MI_Corey View Post
I tried to keep things mostly hidden with my setup but I still need more weight. I put two 50lb lead bags in the nose of the boat, (truly in the nose, behind the front seat back), and piggybacked an IBS off the KGB. I also put a 150lb fly high bag on the bow floor but it's still not enough weight to run the back bags full. I also have 750's in the rear like you but with my current setup I'd say I run them 2/3-3/4 full with everything else filled and someone sitting up front. The wake is great but I really want to be able to run the rear full. That said, I thing I'm going to need a new prop when I do.
I originally had the ibs. Then I added a 350 in the walkway and another 350 on the front seats. It still wasn't enough to offset the 750s. I sold the ibs and made a bow filler cushion and now run the 1000lb open bow triangle. With 3 people in the boat, I can run the 750s full. Any more, and I still have to let some out of the 750s. I also have 50lbs of lead in the nose and 50lbs behind the driver kick panel to help offset the 3 batteries under the observer's seat.
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